Inclusion trough sport for children with developmental disabilities

    Project for regional cooperation financed by Island, Lichtenstein and Norway through EHP and Norway Grants.

2nd Unified Young Athletes Camp „Welcoming Young Athletes with intellectual disabilities to sport programs in Special Olympics Slovakia for 2 new civil association: Dajme im šancu and O.Z. Downov syndróm”.
    Young Athletes generation is the future of Sports in Special Olympics. To introducing them Unified team sports is the best way to inclusion.
During 14. – 17. 7. 2023 in Hotel TENIS in city Zvolen was hold the 2nd Unified Young athletes camp for 16 children with ID (age 6- 8) and 13 unified partners (age 4 – 10). The Unified Young athletes camp was kicked off by one day workshop for 4 coaches (age 20) in developing the basic football and basketball skills for the young athletes. The next days were the new skills practiced on place in the big sport hall with all small athletes and their unified partners who enjoyed the trainings very much.
    Part of the Unified Young athletes camp were two sessions of Family Health Forums. The topics of the first session were about seeking for better options and opportunities for sports and healthy lifestyle for the athletes and the family members and caregivers. The second session was about important topic of the safeguarding. During the FHF were filled out the questionnaires for the survey made by Poznan university.
The highlight of the Unified Young athletes camp 2023 was the small Challenge Day were the young athletes and their unified partners demonstrated the acquired knowledge of the basics of football and basketball skills learned and developed during the camp.