Inclusion trough sport for children with developmental disabilities
    Project for regional cooperation financed by Island, Lichtenstein and Norway through EHP and Norway Grants.
PROJECT: Special Olympics Unified for Refugees „Inclusion of Ukraine´s families with children with intellectual disabilities to sport programs in Special Olympics Slovakia“
    The aggressive Russian invasion to Ukraine meets us all unprepared. But immediately we have showed the solidarity to Ukraine´s people and help them in many ways to survive as refugees in different country.

Unified for Refugees „Inclusion of Ukraine´s families with children with intellectual disabilities to sport programs in Special Olympics Slovakia “

In first week of war the Special Olympics Slovakia become active in helping to Ukraine´s refugees. Athletes of the Special Olympics Slovakia were to represent Slovakia in Russia in exclusive products from ÚĽUV. Instead, original hats, gloves and scarves with a Slovak pattern will help children from Ukraine, and the proceeds from the sale of representative accessories will support dozens of kid´s refugees with intellectual disabilities. The sales campaign will be called „We are Special for Ukraine“. We have already supported direct athletes with intellectual disabilities (ID) by financial support and sport equipment. By today 4 kid’s (age 6-12) refugees with ID are included in sport trainings. 11 families will be a part of sport day for refugees. Also, we have included a girl (age 12) refugee as unified partner in dancing classes.
    To make the contact to our organization easier we created the web page in Ukraine´s language with all information how we can help. The first thing we have done is web page: https://specialolympics.sk/pomoc-ukrajine/ and disseminate the information to all relevant organization helping Ukraine´s refugees in Slovakia.
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HELPING Ukrainian people with intellectual disabilities

Special Olympics are an organization of understanding and inspiration. The philosophy is based on the belief that every person with intellectual disabilities is worthy to be given the same chance for the all-round development of their personality as any other individual. That is why we want and can help you. From the bottom of our heard we want to help to your family and to your child with intellectual disability.
    The best tool for understanding is sport. It is a means of all-round development, overcoming barriers in thinking of the population as well as satisfying the emotional needs of people with intellectual disabilities. You and your Ukrainian children with intellectual disabilities have the right to a new life, in a new country, with new friends and with new experiences. We want to make your journey to this new knowledge much easier.

We offer you free:

We will provide your child with the possibility of regular training processes in sports: swimming, athletics, gymnastics, karate and others.
    We will provide your child with sportswear, equipment and also sports equipment for the community and for individuals.
We offer you the opportunity to participate in sports and social events of the Special Olympics Slovakia.
    We will provide you with an online Slovak language course with a Ukrainian-Slovak-speaking lecturer. (till funds are exhausted).

Special Olympics through sport show the world that we are all equal.

    ☎ Contact person for more information:
    Eva Gažová +421 (0)917 176 673 (Russian partially speaking), email: gazova@specialolympics.sk
We have also created the SPECIAL STARS sports club for Ukrainian children and young people with intellectual disabilities, with refugee status in the Slovak Republic. Every applicant has a free membership fee in the club for a period of 2 years and the opportunity to participate in all events of the Special Olympics Slovakia. The logo of the SPECIAL STARS Sports Club is in the colors of Ukraine. The sports club has its own stories and these colors will always remind us of solidarity and empathy for the people of Ukraine.
    Please see the logo of the Sport club dedicated to Ukraine´s children with ID.
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