Inclusion trough sport for children with developmental disabilities
    Project: Learning basics skills at routine trainings session. „Regular Wednesday training sessions for Young Athletes to learn and develop basic sport skills in basketball and in football”.
Young Athletes generation is the future of Sports in Special Olympics. To giving them the chance to have regular training session is the best way for young athletes to improve, looking forward to meeting friends and experience training routine.

    Learning basic skills in Basketball and in Football

In 2021 thanks to EHP and Norway Grants we can give the chance to Young Athletes to experience regular routine training session. Each Wednesday from September 2022 we are giving the opportunity to train and develop basic skills in football and in basketball combine with basic skill in gymnastics and athletics. We have found out that young athletes from 5 to 12 years old, also enjoying the team spirit of team sports. It also interesting to see that young athletes prefer to kick the ball, instead to catch the ball. So, more strength is to dedicate to learn the skill how to catch the ball. They more enjoy running after ball and kicking the ball. In football we realize we must train how to kick the ball with certain direction. For example, practicing kicking the ball to goal. Basketball skills are focus on throwing and catching and to have fun. Routine trainings sessions are the way to succeed.
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