Inclusion trough sport for children with developmental disabilities
    Project: Peer-to-Peer Family Forum by o.z. Down Syndrome
Sharing experience, sharing knowledge, sharing examples, sharing reality is the most educational tool for all families with children with intellectual disability. Peer to Peer networking is deep resources module, which is helpful for wide society and professionals.

    Peer-to-Peer as the best educational tool for families with children with intellectual disabilities.

Oz. Down Syndrome as a member of the Special Olympics Slovakia organized Unified Sport Challenge event. As Special Olympics Slovakia is following the Norway Grant Project, “Inclusion Through Sport For Children With Developmental Disabilities”, Family Forum is always a part of almost each sport and/ or social events, where Special Olympics athletes actively participated. October 8, 2022, in Hotel Pod Lipou in Modra town 20 families with children with down syndrome in age 2 to 12 years old meet together for 3 days. All participants Unified partners, parents, volunteers and young athletes were involved in sports, cultural and art and craft activities. The main topic of Family Forum was discussion in accordance with Questionnaires from Poznaň University – partner of this project. Set of five different questionnaires made a Family Forum as a discussion platform with sharing stories. All together more than 15 questionnaires were fulfilled at the Peer-to-Peer Family Forum.
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