Inclusion trough sport for children with developmental disabilities

    Project for regional cooperation financed by Island, Lichtenstein and Norway through EHP and Norway Grants.

Project: Inclusion with Young Athletes and with Young Volunteers.
    Bratislava, 16 March 2023 – This event was very specific and extraordinary one. Not because we have an inclusive event with young athletes from 3 Special Elementary Schools, from Dream Day center for Ukraine’s refugees’ children and for one mainstream Elementary school, but because we invited students/volunteers from abroad. This inclusive event was supported by volunteers from Slovakia, United States of America and from Ukraine.
Among all activities football and basketball appeared as the most interest from children. As those are a team sports all children play together as one team without any diversification. We could see the basketball and football improvement as these sports are also practicing in schools thanks to the support of the project Inclusion through sports for children with developmental disabilities funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation.
    Olympic archery shooter Alexandra Longova come to award all young athletes and volunteers.
The event was presented in national media, like in TV, radio, on-line and in prints newspapers too.
    “We love to always prepare something special for our special children. And this year the event met all-inclusive requirements. We have children experienced inclusion, we have volunteers experienced inclusion and we have teachers and coaches experienced inclusion in many ways – in of sports, in diversity and in multiculture”, said Veronika Sedláčková the Norway Grants project manager from Special Olympics Slovakia.